Humans of Wayside @ the Bridgeport Cafe – Bhamini

Volunteerism, Waterloo Wayside

“I came to help in the kitchen. I love cooking and I just want to help people. I came to know about this place because of ESL classes here. I knew something was going on here and I wanted to find out information about that. I came here and they were doing the food bag program. That was some time ago. In 2013 I came and was volunteering at the food bag program and then with my work I could not come. One month ago in April I walked in and asked about the kitchen, all the students were going out and they needed people so I thought I would come and volunteer here.

I have two boys. One is studying at University of Waterloo and the other is going to Conestoga College. I am working at the Waterloo Public Library. I like reading magazines and I like to read novels in my own language. I work as an admin assistant here 12 hours a week. I have enough time so I come here to help. I get a sense of satisfaction that we are feeding the hungry people.”

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