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Clothing Drive, Waterloo Region, Marginalized Communities, Waterloo Wayside

Clothing Drive, Clothing Donations, Waterloo Region, Volunteerism
Edith, in the storeroom for Sharewear.
I started at our church, at Emmanuel (Wayside) after being nine years with the out of the cold. I was interested in doing something for our community because we had been working for St. John’s Lutheran for Out of the Cold.

I just felt I wanted to do something for Wayside Center and Shareware seemed to be a fairly easy transition. I didn’t have any fear of our clients because I had worked with them. I felt fairly comfortable I’ve never had any cause to feel afraid. I really, really appreciate it when they come up and talk to me and tell me a little about their day or their week or their story, that’s always been an important part of it for me. The confidence that they have in me to be able to do that is really important. For them to be heard and for me to be there for them. That’s been an important part of Sharewear for a long time.

Coming down and getting clothes for them and being able to find that right size of jeans, could be women’s or men’s that they’re looking for, or they might need a whole outfit which is fantastic if you can outfit somebody, if you can find the sizes of stuff. I really enjoy that. I really enjoy coming here, part of it is when I was a very poor member in my family, I feel like I am giving someone a step up, just by being here and helping them out just like my family were helped out in years past. I feel like that’s important for me I feel like I’m making a difference.

Added by Amanda: Sharewear is a clothing donation program. In the summer we look for shorts, light pants, running shoes and socks. In the winter we need heavier pants, socks and sweaters, coats, boots, mittens and hats.

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