Humans of Wayside @ the Bridgeport Cafe – Ziggy

Humans of Wayside @ the Bridgeport Cafe – Ziggy

“I have a friend martin who I met some other place in Kitchener and we are friends. One day he said why don’t you come over to Bridgeport Café. I said I don’t know where it is and he said just off the bus stop you know on king so it was him who invited me here. It was last year and I like it very much and I am very grateful to him and this is a very inspiring place.

“After spending some time here I simply got inspired by the energy of the place and now whenever I have a chance I come an hour and a half early and the good doctor is here alone needing help. I get something done before the rest of the crew come in and I am so very happy to be able to do it. You know I actually am trying to volunteer more and more because it is so inspiring and it gives me a lovely feeling in my heart. Marty is like fifty something and he is a very sweet guy it is easy to recognize him… he is very friendly.

“What is special about this place is that all the volunteers bring good heart, that makes the atmosphere here very special the atmosphere. It is a home atmosphere in difficult times, this is the most important thing and it makes a difference.”

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