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Running Shoes
In the winter, we are, I think more “tuned in” to the needs of people who are currently living in marginal housing. We can all to easily imagine how terrible it would be to be cold, to have no safe place to rest our heads, no warm blankets to snuggle under while watching a favourite television show or reading a much loved book. In the winter, the terribleness of not having the necessities of life seems very forefront in our imaginations. Volunteers are so willing to give us time, to carve it out of their busy schedules to make arrangements for us.

In the summer our students depart for homes, summer jobs and opportunities in their home communities. We are so grateful for them, and so happy to see them move to new, or perhaps intermediate stages in their lives. We will see many of them again in the fall, when they will again faithfully carve out a little more time for us and our work with Bridgeport Cafe and Sharewear, through Waterloo Wayside.

In the summer many of our key volunteers depart in a whirlwind of vacations, dedication to children now at home, cottages and family events. We appreciate all they have contributed to Waterloo Wayside’s programming through the year. They will return in the fall, a little sunburned, reinvigorated after a break and ready to, once again, dedicate time, energy and excitement to our programs at Waterloo Wayside.

The needs of our clients, however, continue through the summer. The need for food, shelter, and clothing continues throughout the hot haze of summer. In the winter we are able to gather socks, shoes, coats and other clothing items for those in need. In the summer those clothing concerns tend to recede a bit in people’s minds. We’d like to remind you, we need summer items for our clients. Specifically jeans, lighter weight summer socks, and gently used, or new, running shoes. If you’re in your closet and happen to find some items you are no longer using we would gladly redistribute them to people who would use them.

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We need Jeans in the Summer too!!!
Lastly, we would like to thank our many volunteers who continue through the summer,supporting our work, and our clients. Thank you to all of you, those we will see through the summer, those we will see again in the fall, and those of you whose intersection with our lives has ended, at least for now. Thank you all, and have a safe and happy summer.

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